Sunday, September 4, 2011

M. D. Anderson Receives 4.5 Million Grant, Largest Ever for Study of Yoga and Cancer

Recently I was visiting M.D. Anderson hospital and could not help but notice how accessible yoga was to the population there - both for patients and for their caregivers.  I hope to study this more so that I can offer support to people going through cancer treatments. 

M. D. Anderson News Release 04/12/10
"In an ongoing effort to scientifically validate the age-old belief that mind-body interventions have a beneficial impact on the health of patients, The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center has been awarded more than $4.5 million to study the efficacy of incorporating yoga into the treatment program of women with breast cancer.
The grant, the largest ever awarded by the National Cancer Institute for the study of yoga in cancer, will allow researchers to conduct a Phase III clinical trial in women with breast cancer to determine the improvement in physical function and quality-of-life during and after radiation treatment. It will also investigate if such stress reduction programs result in economic and/or work productivity benefit.  Read more here."

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