Saturday, January 7, 2012

How to Get Free Content from Guest Posting

By Michele at
As a blogger it is important that you continually add new content to your blog. You need to ensure that you are constantly adding new and interesting content that your readers actually like to visit. One of the top methods to use is to write blog posts yourself. It is your blog so you should be responsible for writing the bulk of the posts on your website. In addition to writing blog posts you can also offer guest posting opportunities.

Guest posting is where another blogger will write a blog post for your blog. You get free content that will bring in more visitors from the search engines. In addition you will also get traffic from the guest posters blog because he or she will often link to it and share it with his or hers regular readers. The guest poster will also benefit because they will be able to gain new readership for their blog from your readers.

Guest posting on blogs and allowing others to guest post on your blog is a great strategy to sue and it works very well as long as you do it properly. You do not want to allow any crappy or spun content on your blog. You are not a content mill offering backlinks for guest posters. You only want to use great articles from reputable writers who are in a similar niche. If you allow spammy guest posts to appear on your blog then you will lose your reputation and a lot of your followers. You have worked hard to build up the number of readers you have on your blog and you do not want to lose them by allowing just anyone to guest post on your blog.

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